One Pinch of Danger ☠ + A Dash of Luv 😍 + Put our decals on ya nails 🙌 = You're A Pretty Damage Royal 👑

✌ DEsIgNS fOr tHE FeArLeSS 💥

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💋 Wear Your Damage!🤘

My nails have always been dope. But now I have another dope look to rock as I'm doomscrolling Pandemic dates on Bumble. 🙌

Seline K. , Los Angeles, CA

Nails used to actually be claws, you know, for defense. 😽 With these designs, I just fly the "Don't Fuck With Me" flag all the time. 🐍 Thanks Pretty Damage!

Ronnie G. , Brooklyn, NY

I don't like to put a lot into my nails. But I do like for them to look good. A Pretty Damage decal and a clear top coat - and I'm there. Oh and my alphabet mafia peeps rock this shit at some of their runway shows. 💋

Austin G. , Miami, FL